Many of you are aware that a major security flaw has been discovered in software called Log4j, used by millions of web servers. The bug leaves them vulnerable to attack, and teams around the world are scrambling to patch affected systems before hackers can exploit them.

Our internal teams have determined there is some exposure to the vulnerability in the Adept product through the integrated Oracle AutoVue viewer.

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Exclusion of certain libraries on standard search

fsidaway-wolffsidaway-wolf Forum Moderator Posts: 6 Moderator
A nice feature would be to be able to exclude certain libraries on while doing a standard search, but have a check box or something in the Search Card to include them.

I currently have hundreds of documents in an archive library that were not able to be versioned when doing the bulk loads (often old raster tifs of drawings instead of the current vector pdfs). On a typical search the users don't need to see these, but everyone still needs access for reference purposes, and I don't want to have to create archive access accounts.


  • ToddCummingsToddCummings Staff Moderator, Synergis Employees Posts: 14 Synergis Employee
    @fsidaway-wolf, I can see how something like this would be useful given the use case you shared. Have you thought about what the UI might look like in support of this capability? We'd be interested to hear your ideas about how this would work - what the picks and clicks might look like. We appreciate your input!
  • Gene.SewellGene.Sewell Staff Moderator Posts: 66 Moderator
    Hi - this is one of the concepts behind library sets.  With library sets - you can create a list of those libraries that have files you are working with - give it a name - and when you make that set "active" - then only documents in those libraries appear in search results, file guide views, etc.

    It doesn't make things faster - but it certainly helps narrow down the results you get into those files you are really interested in seeing.

    Synergis Senior Software Developer - primary developer for the Adept Desktop Client

  • atoloevaatoloeva Deactivated Accounts Posts: 48 ⭐⭐

    Hey Gene,

    How can we use library sets in the Web clients? We are currently on Adept 2017.

  • ToddCummingsToddCummings Staff Moderator, Synergis Employees Posts: 14 Synergis Employee
    @Gene.Sewell makes a great point about Library Sets, it's a useful way to filter a view today. @atoloeva, Library Sets are not currently implemented in the web clients, Library Sets are on the Roadmap for the next major release.
  • xmicahxxmicahx Member Posts: 89 ⭐⭐
    @fsidaway-wolf , assuming you aren't using the  "Library Folder" field in you current search, you could select your archive library and add an exclamation point in front of the library name. This will exclude the files from that library. 

    If you are using the "Library Folder" field, after you run your search reopen the search card. Hit the Red X button once to clear the search criteria, then add the "not folder" criteria from above. Then hit the orange "-" button to remove the files in the archive library from your previous search results. 

    @Gene.Sewell, @ToddCummings, I think the  =, ! and ^ symbols should be added the this "Show Search Key" dialog...

  • Gene.SewellGene.Sewell Staff Moderator Posts: 66 Moderator
    edited August 2019
    Hi! - not sure why your key is missing the last three entries but mine does also include =, !, and ^ - hmm??

    Synergis Senior Software Developer - primary developer for the Adept Desktop Client

  • jtomejtome Deactivated Accounts Posts: 18
    Is your font choice so large that it's over-running the fixed sized of the Search Key dialog box?
    James Tome
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