File Export With Redline Comment

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What is the fastest way to get files out of Adept with the redline comments on them?

really hope the answer is not open them in the Viewer. 

We review and transmit hundreds of files at a time so opening them in the viewer to print them with comments would be a show-stopper for us. Is there a way to just export files with the comments that I am missing?


  • atoloevaatoloeva Member Posts: 51 ✭✭

    We need the same functionality.

    Currently we create PDF document manually from the Viewer via the Print command (Convert to PDF does not work properly). Our Web Client users execute the Render PDF command.

    The only way I am aware to export files with redlines, will be to use the native software to redline files(but our users like the markup feature in the Viewer :))

  • Joe.GasperJoe.Gasper Member, Administrator Posts: 12 admin
    Hello. At this time, the Adept Viewer is the only component that can read and display the stored redline (markup) information. We do have numerous requests to increase Adept's ability to access redline information outside of the Adept Viewer but no other method is currently possible or available.
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