Workflow Steps with Multiple Approvals

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We have a "review" step with multiple reviewers and multiple approvals needed to move on to the next WF step. In the workflow tab of the document dashboard, we have noticed that when documents in these WFs are still WIP the Review step is expanded to show the number of approvals pending, who has already approved and their comments. Once the document completes WF and is IN status, the Review step is condensed again and only shows the number of approvals needed, when all of the other steps still shows who approved and comments.

Why are the multiple approval steps condensed at In status? I then have to dig through the  audit trail to see who approved and what comments they made. I would be nice if the multiple approval steps stays broken out for quick reference.

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  • atoloevaatoloeva Member Posts: 51 ✭✭

    I support this request, I am constantly asked to provide a report of who approved a given step on WF.

    I would like to have this functionally in the Web Clients as well. We have Users who use Web Client Reviewer and are not able to see who approved and who are the approvers.

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