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Default File Guide As a User Setting

xmicahxxmicahx Member Posts: 92 ⭐⭐
I have many users requesting the ability to set which File Guide can be the default for them. 


  • Gene.SewellGene.Sewell Staff Moderator Posts: 66 Moderator
    Interesting!  The desktop client remembers the last view used, so I assume this request is for the web client (or the task pane?)  Would it be enough to just remember the last view? 

    Thanks for the input!

    Synergis Senior Software Developer - primary developer for the Adept Desktop Client

  • xmicahxxmicahx Member Posts: 92 ⭐⭐
    We are using 2019 and the desktop version is not remembering the last view. Even switching between windows, it reverts back to the first view in the list. Something would be nice in the Web Client as well. Anything that refreshes the page causes the FileGuide levels to collapse. 
  • Gene.SewellGene.Sewell Staff Moderator Posts: 66 Moderator
    Hi,  I have to say I'm troubled by your last statement.  I retested 11.02, and all this works fine.  One can switch windows, log in and out, and the desktop always tries to bring you back exactly where you were last.  There is a user option "Reopen windows on login.  Could it be you have that unchecked?  Even with that unchecked, I remember the fileguide view and which leaf you last clicked on.

    perhaps you might want to mention this to helpdesk?  It seems to me that it all should work, so perhaps something else isn't working correctly?

    Sorry it's not working for you.  It should - if it doesn't then report it as a bug....

    Synergis Senior Software Developer - primary developer for the Adept Desktop Client

  • atoloevaatoloeva Deactivated Accounts Posts: 48 ⭐⭐
    Hey Micah, we are still testing the 2019 version; and we do not have this issue in the Desktop client.
    The function is just like Gene describes it. I switched between windows, logged out and logged back in, worked just fine and the FileGuide levels did not collapse.
  • Andrew.HallasAndrew.Hallas Member Posts: 16
    edited February 2020

    I've also seen this issue occasionally in Adept 2019 with the File Guide defaulting to 'Last Owner, Active date'. I can set it back to our custom one and it will work for a while and then suddenly it defaults back again.

    From some testing I’ve just done it appears that after setting the File Guide to our custom one, if I change to the Search and Work Area tabs and go back to the File Guide tab it remembers to display my custom one. If after setting my custom file guide I change to Favourites, Inbox or Library Browser and the go back to the File Guide that it then defaults back to ‘Last Owner, Active date'.

    Andrew Hallas, Design Engineer / CAD Administrator, Bucher Municipal Pty Ltd, Clayton North, Australia
  • Gene.SewellGene.Sewell Staff Moderator Posts: 66 Moderator
    I hear you - and will give that a try - thanks Andrew!

    Synergis Senior Software Developer - primary developer for the Adept Desktop Client

  • xmicahxxmicahx Member Posts: 92 ⭐⭐
    Circling back to this as someone else asked me about it. We are currently running 2019.1 and the same bug carried over from 2019 exactly as @Andrew.Hallas described. @Gene.Sewell did you get this result or should we still report it?
  • MLubowMLubow Administrator, Synergis Employees Posts: 52 Synergis Employee
    Let me check on this for you @xmicahx.

  • JTOME_SDROJTOME_SDRO Staff Moderator, Synergis Employees Posts: 11 Synergis Employee
    @MLubow, @Gene.Sewell and @xmicahx, did you get any further on this issue?  Sounds like Andrew defined the situation pretty clearly.  If there's interest from customers in pursuing this further, I'll submit this as a case and push through as a potential defect.

    James Tome
    Synergis Adept Product Owner
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