Adept Maintenance - How, When and What do you do?

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Good Afternoon Everyone!
I'm curious what everyone is doing for maintenance of their Adept System.
* Do you currently review your system yearly?
* Do you go back through to clean up old libraries or data fields?
* Do you check the performance of your Adept system?
* Do you archive your Audit Trail?

I've heard of many different processes on how people perform maintenance on their systems. I also know that Synergis provides yearly health checks which I know some of you may take advantage of.

Thanks :)


  • Liam1963Liam1963 Member Posts: 8

    From the application standpoint, we perform yearly upgrades, we do have a server "team" that tunes db's, views file storage stats, etc. But I myself do not perform any scheduled interrogation or maintenance on our Adept server(s)...

  • kklingerkklinger Member Posts: 4
    • I am not performing regular maintenance.
    • I am in the process of cleaning up and restructuring our libraries.
    • I do not check the performance and I am interested in learning the recommended process since it is difficult at times to determine if a problem is caused by the Adept client, network, Adept Server or the CAD software itself.
    • I have not archived our audit trail, should I?
  • Cwood3Cwood3 Moderator Posts: 24 mod

    In my case, we actually have a few different implementations of Adept, and each implementation has a Development, Testing, and Production system. I am a part of a team where we have a number of migration and development projects on-going, so we are constantly reviewing out system, and our hardware.

    Once challenge we have is ensuring that the Development, Test and Productions systems stay aligned. I typically use some SQL scripts to take a peak at things like the Schema and datacard definitions so the different systems can be compared. We also run analysis on the fields to determine how many of the records are populated, and how many are unique values. We have almost 250 fields in our main system, and many of them are sparsely populated. In other cases, we are looking for some fields which are "regularly occurring" where we may consider Restricted fields, or add the fields to our Quality system to ensure the values are consistent.

    I have a Reporting dashboard where we continuously monitor disk space and server performance, and I also pull the server logs routinely and review looking for errors and events which may indicate developing problems.

    Finally, we run a script to defragment the Database indexes on a quarterly basis.

    So in my case we very actively manage the servers, and the databases and it's content.

    Hope this helps

  • whyzmuzjwhyzmuzj Moderator Posts: 19 mod

    @kklinger the audit trail can be archived at anytime. Things you would want to consider is the size of your Audit Trail table, when I check databases for upgrades I look to see if that is something that should be considered to be done. For many clients who have been running Adept for many many years and never looked at their audit trail table, now is a good time to make an assessment.

    For performance checks, what I would suggest is to have a health check performed on your Adept system, you can learn what Synergis AC's look for for performance pieces - including the Audit Trail and if it needs to be archived.

    @Cwood3 it sounds like you have a great process to checking Adept performance and maintaining your system.

  • Gene.SewellGene.Sewell Moderator, Deactivated Accounts Posts: 66 mod
    I'll chime in with a new "feature" added to the desktop in 2018.  We've added a performance test suite that will run by itself and produce a report showing how long a variety of commands takes - all in a nice table. 

    This test can be run with any user/work area/library combination.

    (You can find this by bringing up options->troubleshooting - and clicking on the button at the bottom of that leaf "Performance test..."  I'll remind you that any user can view this leaf by holding down the control key when they bring up the option dialog.)

    I would suggest running the performance test and saving the report as a snapshot of performance over time.  If something changes, this test will provide quantitative data showing what is now slower (or faster) then before.

    Synergis Senior Software Developer - primary developer for the Adept Desktop Client

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